ORIGIN - A fusion of jewellery & art


Inspired by our shared passion for esotericism and ancient symbolism, we - artist Ilaria Antolini and designer and Lunar James’ head designer and jeweller Arianne - are proud to announce their collaboration ORIGIN.


In this collection we look at jewellery as a form of wearable art in addition to fashion or a trend. ORIGIN motivates us to see jewellery as an extension of ourselves, our interests, values and beliefs.


Together we explore the concept of using fashion illustrations to showcase jewellery, to enhance the jewellery’s beauty and uniqueness. In this way, the ORIGIN collection is not only a form of wearable art, it also serves as a vehicle that allows the wearer to enter a magical world where the fashion illustrations themselves become pieces of art ready to decorate the walls of their home.

Art to be worn by you, and by your home.


Ancient symbolism 


The eye is one of the most powerful symbols known to many cultures. It can be an indicator of good, evil, protection, wisdom, knowledge, secrecy and mystery.


The hand is the most frequently symbolized part of the human body. It gives blessing, it is expressive. According to Aristotle, the hand is the "tool of tools." In general it is strength, power and protection.


When combined, the hand and eye turn into a new symbol: the hamsa. The hamsa hand (also known as Hand of Fatima or Hand of Miriam) is known to bring fortune and fertility in many religions and cultures, and its primary spiritual meaning is protection against evil.


Teardrops, symbols of strentgh and compassion, also feature in the ORIGIN collection.


Art & Craftmanship


ORIGIN combines the art of collage with ancients skills such as traditional and artisan gold leafing (also known as gilding), as well as metalsmithing skills. 


The art collage pieces were carefully put together from cut-outs from magazines, which were sealed together through a laminating process. The finished art collage pieces were then securely fastened to a layer of leather, ensuring the art collage charms are durable and can be worn as jewellery. With sustainability in mind, the leather in this collection is derived from off-cuts and leather remnants: a waste product from the fashion industry.


Subsequent to fusing the collage art pieces with the leather backdrops, the collage charms were decorated with real 22k gold leaf through the artisan craft of gilding.