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Hey free-spirited woman ✨


I'm happy to see you here. 


Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by nature and all its living creatures. I was that slightly odd child playing with snails, worms and ladybirds in the back garden - that geeky girl reading through my dad's Readers Digest collection to find strange insect species. 


After travelling through South America, I totally fell in love with the local custom of wearing feather earrings and other jewellery made entirely from natural materials like seeds, shells, bones, etc. Inspired by the fact that beauty could be totally natural without requiring anything artificial such as plastic, I took this inspiration home with me. Over the last 15 years, I have designed and created many items of jewellery, art and home decor, often focussing on connecting the organic with the inorganic. 


Lunar James - named after my son James who was born at full moon - is a sustainable jewellery and accessory brand born out of a deep love for all things nature and a profound want to preserve her beauty. I design and create all jewellery and other products with this vision in mind, which is expressed in the organic shapes, textures and colours of our products.


We aim to reconnect with an ancient and more artisan way of living and key materials used in our designs are natural materials, such as nuts, plant seeds, stones, shells, wood and cruelty free feathers.


Our passion for the earth doesn’t stop there. From using recycled metals and fabrics, to biodegradable business cards and recyclable packaging, we are constantly seeking out new sustainability practices to further reduce our eco-footprint.


Making beautiful, sustainable jewellery matters in saving our planet.


Much love

Arianne | Founder, Designer & Maker

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