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We take great pride in collecting materials from all around the world in their purest form that have been sourced in the best possible way, mostly by hand. Being a sustainable brand, it is extremely important to us that the environment, animals and people are treated with the love and respect they deserve and aren't compromised in any way.


Shells & Corals / all shells and corals used in our jewellery up to date, have been hand picked and cleaned by us. We only use shells and corals that have been found on the beach, discarded by its original owner. 


Feathers / feathers have become very popular in recent fashion trends, and we want to assure you that all our feathers are cruelty free. This means that they have been naturally shed (or, molted as the correct definition would be) by the animals. We collect feathers from a small number of UK aviaries, as well as organic farms. The feathers are picked up from the ground, washed and sorted, all by hand. Cruelty free feathers are hard to come by, and so the prices may fluctuate based on supply and demand. 


Pearls / all our pearls are freshwater pearls which are typically found in lakes and rivers in China. In recent years, freshwater pearls have become very popular due to their increased quality and more affordable price. We source all our freshwater pearls from a reputable UK supplier who have had a long term and stable relationship with freshwater pearl farms in Asia. The pearls used in our jewellery generally range from 5mm - 15mm, with anything above 13mm considered to be more rare and valuable. The quality of pearls used ranges between AA and AAA.


Driftwood / any driftwood (including branches) used in our products is sourced by hand by us in the UK. 


Beads / the majority of our beads are organic, plant based and sustainable. Many of our beaded earrings feature the pits of Acai berries, as well as beads hand carved from coconuts. We source all our beads from two suppliers (one in the UK, one in Germany) who hold close relationships with fair trade organisations in South America and Asia. 


14k Gold Filled / we source all our 14k gold filled wire and sheet from a reputable UK supplier. All our gold filled jewellery is hallmarked "14k/20 GF"


Eco Silver / our silver (and gold vermeil) jewellery is made from eco-silver which is an eco-friendly alternative to standard Sterling Silver, manufactured using recycled silver from the jewellery, giftware, medical and electronic industries.


Recycled Brass / all our brass and gold-plated jewellery is made from recycled brass. 




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