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Live More Magic - Welcome 2021 - Lunar James

Live More Magic - Welcome 2021

With a slow start to the new year, I took lots of time to think, reflect and dream about a better future (or, simply just getting out of lockdown!), I decided that perhaps now might be the time to finally start that blog I've been wanting to for years.

I don't like writing very much, and with English not being my mother tongue, I do not always find it easy to explain myself or find the right words. This is something that has held me back. But, recently, I started to think "Surely that would be the reason for me to write more? To practice, and improve". And there is something therapeutic about writing, like getting stuff off your chest. Well, for me it is anyway!

So, here I am: writing about absolutely nothing for two entire paragraphs!! :)

Joking aside, I think blogging will open up plenty opportunities for me to share with you my sources of inspiration, my dreams, visions, and also show and explain more about what I make, why, and how. I'm hoping to use this as an accelerator to sharing more behind the scenes shots with you and to also inspire you more to make and create at home yourselves.

So, forgive me if my writing is still a bit rusty - this is the first time I'll be writing longer pieces than an Insta caption since I worked as a lawyer...  and trust me, no one in their right mind would want to read those legal opinions I churned out back then...

Here's to sharing, inspiring and above all to living a more magical life every, single day. 

x Ari

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