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The Ultimate Guide to Stacking your Rings – Lunar James Styling Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Stacking your Rings – Lunar James Styling Tips

For centuries, rings have been the key piece of jewellery to add a personal touch to a women’s look. Rings often hold significant meaning, such as engagement, wedding and eternity rings. It’s the one piece of jewellery we tend to not take off, we wear it with us when we sleep, bathe, and swim…

And if you’re as keen on wearing multiple rings as we are, I’m sure you will have a few stacking rings lying around. But what is a stacking ring, and how can you best stack your rings to create the ultimate look?

Within this guide, I’ll take you through some of my favourite ways to wear stackable rings.


What are stacking rings exactly?

It’s really quite simple: ring stacking means layering up multiple rings either on one finger, various fingers or even both hands! By adding different textures, designs and colours you are the true artist to your signature jewellery style. It’s a great way to add a personal touch to a specific look and create downplayed office stacks versus all-out party stacks.

There really are no fixed rules, stacking rings is all about using your creativity!

However, we do recommend loosely sticking with the 3 Key Rules to Create the Perfect Ring Stack: Be Creative, keep the Balance, and choose One Focal Point.


3 Key Rules to Create the Perfect Ring Stack

Be Creative is all about YOU and  the variety you want to bring to your stack – this is really up to you!

Balance means nothing more than making sure you’re stacking rings in a balanced way over both hands (and not just one single hand or single finger).

Finally, choose One Focal Point. If you’re going for a large variety of rings, it often works best to choose one hero ring, the ring that should get all the attention. Use this ring as the foundation of your stack and build it up from there.


5 Styling Ideas For Stacking Your Rings

We’ve put together a look book of 5 of our favourite ways to wearing the Lunar James stacking rings. All our rings are made from recycled 925 Sterling Silver or 14ct Filled Gold for extra durability.



Mixing metals was once a faux pas but that is no longer the case. We would even go as far as mixing entirely different materials, and absolutely LOVE to stack plain gold bands with pearls. When going for the mixed metal look, we do advise to ease off the bracelets, so all attention goes to your beautifully created ring stack.

Photo by Olivia Bossert

Ring stack of Carola Pearl Ring and Gold Eternity Ring Band

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Gone are the days where rings are worn only on the middle and ring finger. Think thumb rings and, yes, that little pinky finger counts too.

Photo by Auguste Chocianaite

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This styling tip is my personal favourite, which probably has something to do with the fact I can just simply never choose! But yes, when it comes to creating the ultimate ring stack more can actually be more! As long as all rings aesthetically complement one another, it’s totally fashionable to mix large chunky rings with dainty bands, as proven by the gorgeous shot below.

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Now this is where you can get truly personal. Gemstone rings tend to represent something special, perhaps it’s an engagement or wedding ring, a ring with your favourite gemstone, or maybe even a ring with the birthstone of your little one. This is a ring that you will want to wear a lot (if not always) and there are great ways to stack around this important ring.

Our main advice would be to layer up with stacking rings that add without taking away any of the attention the (main) ring should get. A great way to achieve this, is to layer with stacking rings in the same metal colour as the hero ring.

Photo by Auguste Chocianaite

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Want to keep it a bit more on point? Sticking to a theme is a good idea in that case. Stick with earing gold bands, or perhaps go for the popular pearl theme to create a contemporary, yet dreamier look.

Photo by Molly Georgia Photography

Side portrait of model wearing two pearl rings and pearl earrings

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