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Moonscape: a lunar celebration of jewellery and more! - Lunar James

Moonscape: a lunar celebration of jewellery and more!

I've always felt something special for the moon. I'm not sure how to describe it really. Somehow the dark sky with a bright moon brought me comfort. And as a teenager I would often sit in bed at night, listen to music on my walkman and stare at the sky. There was magic and a promise of a better future: that of wishes coming true. I was a bit of a dreamer really, never really feeling like I’d belong where I was... 

Since the day my son James was born, my love, or perhaps curiosity for the moon was re-ignited. He was born around 7pm, 4 days before Christmas, and the full moon was rising, and brightly lit up the night sky.

Becoming a "mama" (Dutch for "mummy"), changed a lot in me and without going into too much detail, the main thing was that it gave me the confidence to believe in my dreams, follow my passions and carve out my own path.

A year later, Lunar James was born. It was only a matter of time before I would dedicate some of my creations to the moon and I think (hope!) Moonscape does exactly that. 



A collection of jewellery and more... filled with exploration and adventure, in an aim to identify and showcase the different appearances of our beautiful moon: from full to crescent, bright and dimmed, with yellow or red hues, a smooth or textured appearance. In addition, Moonscape honours the various meanings that the moon has been given in her role in mystical symbolism. 

Aaaaand, Moonscape is the FIRST collection that will introduce a number of (jewellery related) accessories!! I'm thrilled to share more about my product range expansion with you and will do so in my next blog post... all I say it's in line with my love for nature and my believe that for our body and soul to be healthy, we need to reconnect with nature in every way possible...




In line with my vision to keep on improving on sustainability in the widest sense, I'm super pleased all products that form part of Moonscape have been made from a variety of metals that are either recycled (i.e. eco-silver and gold) or reclaimed from local metal manufacturing businesses. With recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, Moonscape is not only an ode to the moon but is also Earth conscious. 

In one of my next blog posts I will talk a bit more about the moon and her various roles and interpretations throughout history: did you know the crescent moon was known to symbolise womanhood, fertility, intuitiveness, psyche and empowerment...?


- x - Ari

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