Moonscape, a collection of jewellery and more... filled with exploration and adventure, in an aim to identify and showcase the different appearances of our beautiful moon: from full to crescent, bright and dimmed, with yellow or red hues, a smooth or textured appearance. Moonscape honours the various meanings the moon has been given throughout history in mystical symbolism, astrology and astronomy.

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A curated collection of boho beach bridal jewellery. Perfect for the bride herself as well as her bridesmaids, our bridal edit includes all the unique pieces of jewellery you need to effortlessly complete your bohemian bride look.

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The AW20/21 ALCHEMY collection is a small batch collection inspired by our universe and the ethereal world. During lockdown many of us - including me - experienced new ways of living day to day. Through a sudden disconnection from our old ‘normal’ lives, we were forced to re-establish connections elsewhere: in the home, with our families, and within ourselves.


I found working with crystals in my astrology, meditation and yoga practices extremely helpful and powerful in re-connecting with myself, my soul, the real me. I picked up an old love for crystals during this time and was keen to introduce them into my jewellery pieces. Through working with raw crystals as well as ancient and alchemic symbols, ALCHEMY is a collection of magical jewellery pieces, and I hope the pieces can work as a personal talisman like object to the wearer helping them find balance and a connection between their bodies and souls - the material and ethereal world.


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OCEANA - Shells & Pearls

The entire SUMMER 2020 / Oceana collection is now available online. Inspired by all our water creatures, the seas and oceans and beaches, this collection features cultured freshwater pearls, sustainably sourced shells and lots of light colours.


The collection features pieces in 14k gold filled, 24k gold vermeil, eco-silver and recycled brass. 


10% of all profits from the Oceana collection is donated to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation to help protect and preserve the Great Barrier Reef.


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